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Myths & Facts

You hear different things about sex, puberty, porn, etc. everyday. Let's talk about some common myths that you might hear, and learn about the truth instead!

Myths & Facts: FAQ

Douching is necessary to keep the vagina clean?

No, douching can actually change the balance of bacteria in your vagina and cause infections. Remember, your vagina is self-cleaning and you only need to clean your vulva with non-scented soap and water.

Men can’t get HPV

False. HPV is common in both men and women. About 80% of people will get an HPV infection in their lives.

Everyone is having sex

False. The average age to lose your virginity in the United States is about 17. In high school sometimes it feels like "everyone is doing it" but they're not! In 2019 less than half of U.S. high school students had ever had sex.

Myths & Facts: FAQ
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